Monday, March 11, 2013

Woodie - Life Storiez Vol. 1 (2002)

1.Norte Sidin
2.Yoc Influenced ft Lil Los
3.Dirty Deeds ft Shadow, Lil Los
4.Mind Game
5.Take My Soul
6.Gats N Rivals ft lil los shadow rns
7.The Way You Feel
8.If I Wasnt ft Lil Los, Shadow
9.Northern Cali Dippin
10.If I Die Tonite ft X O Jacka
11.There You Go ft  X O
12.Life Of Sin
13.N The Bay ft Lil Los
14.Demonz N My Sleep
15.Talez Of A Killa
16. BlackBird

1 comment:

  1. Rest in peace Woodie. Its sad to see a someone take their own life to escape living in a life of depression. He made great music and was a true G


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