Monday, March 25, 2013

Smilone - Refuse To Lose (2013)

01 Intro [Explicit]
02 Sound of My Barrel [Explicit]
03 It's Time [Explicit]
04 Kush (feat. Tazz) [Explicit]
05 Murder Squad Stars (feat. Y Be & Tazz) [Explicit]
06 Get Faded [Explicit]
07 Spanish Music (feat. Y Be) [Explicit]
08 Sicc2sicc Part 2 (feat. Tazz) [Explicit]
09 Lights Flashing (feat. Caliboy) [Explicit]
10 M$M Thang (feat. Dawg) [Explicit]
11 Take Control [Explicit]
12 California (feat. Tazz) [Explicit]
13 Wanna Play (feat. Sykes, Dawg, Tazz & Y Be) [Explicit]

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