Monday, March 11, 2013

Save It Out Records Presents Davina - The Last Laugh is Mine (2006)

1. Sav it Out To the Extreme Ft. Big Tone
2. So Damn Special Ft. 4Ever
3. Definition of a Gangsta Bitch Ft. Megan
4. The Way You Do
5. Take it Back Ft. Woodie, Big Tone
6. Next Bitch
7. Refuse to Change
8. Streetz Keep Callin Me Ft. Mad Dog
9. Hate to Love You
10. The Last Laugh is Mine
11. Escape Ft. Big Tone
12. I Cry
13. Gangsta Eyez Ft. Big Tone
14. Only the Strong Survive
15. Wakin Up Next to You
16. Fantasize
17. You Mean So Much to Me (Acapella)

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