Monday, March 11, 2013

Carolyn Rodriguez - Dope Diary (2013)

1 Dope Diary (feat. South Park Mexican)
2 G'z Got My Back (feat. Doll-E Girl & Papa Smurf)
3 Sweet Little Lies
4 Push so Good
5 Til I Go (feat. Blaine Tate)
6 So Gangsta (feat. Dat Boi T & Pancho V)
7 Can't Hold Me (feat. Doll-E Girl & Aod)
8 On My Own
9 Numero Uno (feat. Low-G)
10 The Motive (feat. Lucky Luciano & Dat Boi T)
11 Feel Me
12 Numb (feat. Aod)
13 Homegirl (feat. Athena Anesti)
14 La Guerra (feat. Juan Gotti & Low-G)
15 Sunny Days (feat. Cuete Yeska & Kass Delgado

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